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Japan Collection References Inspiration (1st Part) – 0020 –

Incredible collection of references about Japan, can be very useful to inspire and draw manga. References for landscapes, references of houses, vegetation, typical school uniforms, for portraits. This is the first part of two posts, the second collection will be posted soon. You can see the Gallery Here: We hope you like and inspire you […]

Dmitry Prozorov · We ♥ this Artist

Today we introduce you to a fantasy artist He’s a great creator of characters, he’s unique creating Elves, Orcs and other races of fantastic universes such as WoW. A man of Russian origin, who currently lives in Moscow. We have some of his work here: We love your work, I hope you do too. Here […]

Alex Konstad · Artist we love ♥

Alex Konstad is a concept artist and illustrator from the forests of Portland Oregon, currently living in Los Angeles California.

アサ · Atha · Artist we love ♥

アサ · Atha Awesome artist, here we have some of her works where she shows amazing illustrations, a treasure to see ♥♥ Gallery of her: You can find more illustrations of her in her social links

Theo Prins · Artist we love ♥

Hi guys! We want to present a really amazing artist. His work is full of life and I think that speaks for itself. Some of his illustrations here: Theo Prins is a concept artist working at ArenaNet on Guild Wars 2. He grew up in the Pacific Northwest and the Netherlands and spent most of […]

Nakano (Nana) · Artist we love ♥

Hi guys, Here you have a new collection of illustrations of the artist «Nakano (Nana)», she’s a freelance artist, a comic artist. She illustrate a webcomic called Ronin Galaxy as part of the writer/artist duo: Team Ronin. We love her work, we hope you too. Her social links: All images are property of © Nakano […]

高志平 Gao ZhiPing · Artist we love ♥

Hello people, Today I want to present some of the work of an artist that we love, he has a fantastic and incredible view, his illustrations are really very shocking and amazing. 高志平 Gao ZhiPing, ShenZhen, China Some of his work: We have been looking more information about him but it’s difficult, We didn’t have […]

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