Alex Konstad · Artist we love ♥

Alex Konstad is a concept artist and illustrator from the forests of Portland Oregon, currently living in Los Angeles California.

Here we present some of his amazing work, click!


Scifi Genre Painting, Fantasy Genre Painting, Photoshop, traditional acrylic painting, pen and ink, drawing, traditional sculpting and maquette/miniature painting

He has worked for clients such:

Visual Development Artist at Reel FX (Present)
Concept Design at Section 9 Entertainment
Freelance Illustrator and Design Consultant at Psyop
Illustrator at Blizzard Entertainment
Freelance Artist at Daddies Board Shop
Concept Artist at Shieldbreak Games
Freelance Illustrator/Concept Designer at Volta
Freelance Artist and Concept Designer at Spin Master Ltd
Freelance Artist at Privateer Press
Freelance Artist at Sony Online Entertainment
Freelance Artist at Alderac Entertainment Co.
Freelance Concept Artist at Riot Games
Freelance Artist at Fantasy Flight Games

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